Balancing the needs of businesses, users, and builders.

Designer, UX/UI, Consultant, Lecturer

My portfolio

I have been a designer for over 20 years. The privilege has been enormous—working with clients ranging from start-ups to Fortune 500's, including work with:

  • Humana
  • Vodafone
  • UCHealth
  • ESPN
  • American Lung Association
  • Major League Baseball
  • 7-Eleven
  • British Telecom
  • Voya

As a consultant, I typically take on three types of engagements

  1. Problem-based: Solving for a specific challenge—I'm like a design Swiss Army knife.
  2. Investigative / Consultative: Finding and defining the problem—I'll help you with discovery and framing.
  3. Training-based: Building skills and providing enablement—I'll train your team to help themselves.

Things people say

"Matt is the consummate professional. Thoughtful, intentional and exceptional in both his work product and his interactions with those he collaborates with. He is one of the rare people with depth and breadth of knowledge and expertise that spans design, strategy, process & technology. He is also a problem solver and is able to navigate both political and financial constraints with ease."

My other gigs

As a full-time Solutions Architect at VMware, I work on UX design, platform branding, product design, UI design, and user research.

As an instructor for the part-time UX Design course at General Assembly, my goal is to build an army of ethics-based human-centered designers that will be strong voices in the next generation of societally-responsible products.